Step by step guide

Step №01. Purchase (buy) a subscription:

Step №02. Specify the recipient of the subscription (this can be a third party)

Step №03. Choose a subscription plan (now You need to have enough NIFTSY tokens in your wallet to purchase a subscription: these are added to wNFT with the time-lock that the subscription service creates for the user).

Step №04. Confirm all transactions in the MetaMask:

Step №05. Choose what to wrap around. Options:

  • Original NFTs that are minted on a third-party contract (not from Envelop);

  • Original NFTs that are minted on an Envelop contract;

  • "Empty" (when creating wNFTs, the user does not transfer their original NFTs to the Envelop contract).

Step №06. Select restrictions on the behaviour of the created wNFTs. A combination of Disable “Unwrapping” and “Transferring” gives the ability to create a wNFT as a Soulbound Token (SBT).

Step №07. If the original NFTs will be wrapped, select contract in the field (You have already had minted original NFTs):

Step №08. In this case, you can mint yourself additional original NFTs in the Envelope app.

Step №09. After minting the original NFTs in the Envelop app You can go back to the SAFT (app page):

Step №10. If the original NFTs of the third party contracts in the wrapper are used, either select the contract in the field or enter the contract address of the original NFTs.

Step №11. Set time-lock value in days (if You want to create wNFT with time-lock after which You can deploy wNFT):

Step №12. Select which standard You want to create (mint) wNFT:

Step №12.1. If ERC-1155 is selected,specify the number of copies for each wNFT:

Step №13. If You want to make wNFT withholding fee each time a transfer is created by wNFT, then select a fee token and specify the amount of fee:

Step №14. Specify wNFT recipients. You can specify addresses manually in the field, You can load a list of addresses from csv-files. The format of the data in the file: strings consisting of recipient addresses and tokenID of the original NFTs to wrap for them. The data in the lines is separated by semicolons. If "empty" wrapping is selected, the tokenID does not need to be specified in the file.

Step №15. Enter the tokenID of the original contract token you specified above. If You click on the field, a list with all available original NFT contract tokens You own will open:

Step №16. If You want wNFT to have collateral, select a token from the list or enter the token's smart-contract address if it is not in the list.

Step №17. Specify the number of tokens to be added to each wNFT to be created:

Step №18. If You have set up a fee for wNFT, specify the recipients of the royalty income by entering the addresses in the field.

Step №19. Specify the % to be deducted from the transfer fee for this recipient.

Step №20. The recipient of royalty income can be wNFT itself. Revenue royalty tokens will be added to wNFT's collateral:

Step №21. Once You have filled in all the fields, click “Wrap Batch”:

Step №22. Confirm all transactions.

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