Step by step guide

dApp for mint can be found at

Step №01. Download the media-file either by dragging and dropping it into the download area or via an explorer window

Step №02. Or provide an http link to the media-file. Important: The web storage of the media file should allow the media file to be displayed in third-party applications

Step №03. Enter Name

Step №04. Enter Description

Step №05. You can enter additional properties to be stored in the metadata

Step №06. Enter the name of the property

Step №07. Enter the meaning of the property

Step №08. Choose which standard you want the NFT to be minted to

Step №09. Specify the number of tokens to be minted per transaction

Step №10. If you have chosen to mint ERC-1155 tokens, enter the number of copies for each token to be minted

Step №11. Press Mint. First the metadata is saved in SWARM

Step №12. Then confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Step №13. After confirming the transaction, a message will be displayed allowing you to go to the main application ( and view the NFTs created under “Discovered”

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