01. On the smart contracts page we find the NIFTSY token address: 0x432cdbC749FD96AA35e1dC27765b23fDCc8F5cf1.

02. Go to https://quickswap.exchange/#/

03. Connect the right wallet:

04. Set the first (in page: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap) exchange currency to USDt and then the second token NIFTSY smart contract address: 0x432cdbC749FD96AA35e1dC27765b23fDCc8F5cf1

05. Set the required amount and press the "Exchange" button:

06. Next, authorise the withdrawal and confirm the transaction via MetaMask or another wallet of your choice.

07. DISCLAIMER! Please note that the smart contract address must be taken from the official documentation and for the network in which the AMM/DEXs are operating, otherwise you risk losing your funds to phishing and other attacks.

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