The main hypostases and parts of the Project

The Project as a whole acts as:

  1. A cross-chain aggregator of liquidity wrapped in NFT of any order;

  2. A formalizer for valuation of assets within NFTs of any level of complexity;

  3. An automatic anti-fraud system for the NFT market and related industries.

In doing so, the Protocol:

  1. Helps wrap and unwrap assets;

  2. Templates the NFT creation process for platforms (marketplaces, exchanges, etc.);

  3. Sets a minimum valuation for NFT at the expense of the accumulator.

Oracle in turn:

  1. Creates a scoring system - initial valuation of assets through open data analysis;

  2. Applies as a classical and/or AI-anti-fraud system, which allows each market participant to manage risk;

  3. Systematizes all positive and negative patterns in the use of NFT of any order.

Finally, Index:

  1. Becomes one of the first decentralized and collateralized simultaneously market indices for NFT and related assets (synthetic, among others);

  2. Acts as a selling instrument and the initial unit of exchange;

  3. Also, the Index verifies Oracle data, preventing manipulation by misrepresentation of information by participants.

Besides these elements, there is Token, which acts as their link: herewith, all three elements (Protocol, Oracle, Index) can be used independently, without Token, but it adds unique functionality to DAO NIFTSY:

  1. Participation in royalty payments to any actor (subject, script, AI, etc.) by paying on any complex transactions in the subject-object model;

  2. WUM mechanics is a dynamic part of drive, transaction processing;

  3. Second- and subsequent-order NFT cross-chain exchange which functions are discount and netting rate;

  4. Unification of token standards through a single wrapper format;

  5. Tool for simplification and objectification of derivatives, that means valuation through turnover/pledge analysis of any tokens;

  6. Token bonus model in the development of the Project ecosystem such as airdrops, bounty programs, etc.

Thus, the Token is a primitive cross-chain transfer mechanism for NFT wrapped assets (liquidity) and serves to reduce transaction costs.

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