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Launchpad is used to distribute ERC-20 tokens of projects. ERC-20 tokens are placed in the wNFT version №0 (v.0) of the Envelop Protocol as Collateral. And they are being transferred to the smart-contract address of the Launchpad. You can create a wNFT here ( or here (

For each ERC-20 token, a different smart-contract is deployed for the Launchpad. And prices are set in native (coins) and ERC-20 tokens per unit of token sold. The price of wNFT with Collateral in ERC-20 tokens sold is defined as the price per unit multiplied by the number of tokens sold in the wNFT Collateral.

A separate web application is deployed for purchasers of the project tokens, to which the deployed launchpad smart-contract is connected. Deployment of the web application and the smart-contract customization can be done by the DAO Envelop support team or technical team of the project, which purchased the Launchpad from DAO Envelop. For purchasing and setup questions, please e-mail:

See documentation to learn how the smart contract of the Launchpad works.

User manual

A launchpad with NIFTSY DAO Envelop tokens for sale can be found at on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

On the launchpad, wNFTs are displayed as cards with the number of ERC-20 tokens they contain and their prices.

User selects tokens from a list with which they want to pay wNFT:

Presses the "Buy" button:

Gives permission to use their ERC-20 tokens to the launchpad smart contract by confirming the transaction on the pop-up that opens. It is necessary for the smart contract to be able to withhold payment when purchasing wNFT.

Confirms the transaction in MetaMask:

Then press Buy on the wNFT card again. And confirm the payment transaction with "Pay".

Confirms the transaction in MetaMask.

The app informs you that the user has purchased wNFT.

Further wNFT can be found on the dashboard in the Wrapper app:

After the time-lock date, wNFT can be unwrapped and NIFTSY tokens can be added to your balance.

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