The token as a linking element in the project

So, let's compile the Token features available in the Protocol, starting with the alpha version, as well as those available in the Project at its full release. These features are listed below.

  1. Participation in royalty payments to any actors: payment on any complex transactions in the subject-object model.

  2. WUM mechanics: dynamic part of the drive, transaction processing.

  3. Second- and subsequent-order NFT cross-chain exchange. Discount and netting rate are the features.

  4. Unification of token standards through a single wrapper format.

  5. Facilitation and objectification tool for derivatives: valuation through turnover / pledge analysis of tokens.

  6. Token bonus model in the development of the Project ecosystem: airdrops, bounty programs, etc.

The Token also has a major role. It connects Protocol, Oracle, Index into a single DAO NIFTSY. That means, you can use each element individually as well as in integrations, but in the latter case, the Token is the only way to connect.

It is important to note that the Token itself has no initial price: the last is determined by counterparties, including through an IDO, where the initial price is formed by determining the price of the Token by the offering venue, the final buyer and the seller; as the Token is an entity open to distribution, and the one is only controlled by the DAO until it enters the public market.

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