The overriding principle: we are a DAO - we do not collect personal data

We, Envelop, do not collect and/or process any personal data other than publicly available data.

If Cookies are considered personal data in your jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to know that we collect and/or process them only with your consent. Cookies are small fragments of data sent by our web server and stored on the user's device.

Also, if in your jurisdiction data processing by Google Analytics is considered personal data processing, you should know that some of the pages on and its pallets contain such trackers, but the data processing is handled exclusively by Google, we only receive anonymized data.

We are a decentralized, open and respectful of your privacy, anonymity and confidentiality, service. Therefore, we do our best to secure your communication with our dApps.

If you need more legal information:

  • Familiarize yourself with these disclaimers.

  • Contact via contacts

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