Bounty FAQ

Envelop (NIFTSY) bounty program

The following describes the rules of the bounty program, both general and for bug-bounty hunters.

What is the main source of information?


GitHub: Telegram: Twitter: Medium: Youtube:

What is the overall distribution of the incentive tokens?

Total distribution of 1.5% of the total issue (7,500,000.00 of 500,000,000). The bounty campaign will be divided into several stages. The budget of the current stage is 60% of the total bounty budget (4,500,000 from 7,500,000).

How to participate

Bounty registration Bounty report Bug Bouty Report

Where to see results

Bounty activity sheet

Can I develop Envelop (NIFTSY) with activities not described in the bounty programme?

Yes, of course you can. The main thing is to contact us via the website, email or telegram group.

How much is 1 NIFTSY token worth?

A token is a technical (utilitarian) instrument and its value is determined by the counterparty independently according to free market rules.

What are the dates for the bounty?

The current round of the bounty will run from August 1. The end date will be announced additionally

When are the next stages of the bounty?

The next stages of the bounty will be announced additionally in the Envelop's sources.

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