General conditions

general conditions and principles of the bounty programme


The Bounty Programme was developed by DAO NIFTSY to encourage primary informational, technical, social and other promotion of the protocol in various communities. IDO bounties are like rewards (coin) given to individuals who reports bug or who promote the IDO in social channels or communities.

Basic principles

The main principle of the bounty programme is that the DAO NIFTSY always makes the final decision, because in all disputes, the main thing to be considered is the interests of the Project.

The next principle is based on the "do no harm" thesis: no one participating in the bounty campaign has the right to SPAM and other unfriendly mechanics that can damage the positive image and reputation of the Project.

Key terms

Project -

Participant - participant in the Project Bounty

Programme Rules - the rules described in this document relating to the Project Bounty Programme in relation to the Participants.

The Bounty Program (the "Bounty Program") is the Project's utility token incentive program designed to promote the Project, its individual services, including but not limited to the Project website, and to build the Project's positive reputation on the Web 3.0 Network.

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