Technical paper

full technical description of the protocol

NIFTSY is a lower-level (L1) cross-chain protocol that helps to account for the collateral value of any assets through the use of NFT wrappers and other smart contracting capabilities.

Initially, the project is built on EVM-compatible blockchains, but there are plans to introduce solutions using other decentralised systems (Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Zilliqa, Flow, WAX, Algorand, etc.) after that.

An oracle will also be created for the protocol, initially a scoring system for assets wrapped in NFT, and later a full-fledged classic and AI-antifraud system. Finally, the data obtained from the Protocol through the Oracle serves as an objective database for the Index, which in turn acts as a quantitative measure of the market for NFTs and interchangeable tokens (coins).

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