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The protocol is the first element of the DAO NIFTSY, which is a formalisation of the on-chain capabilities of blockchains in a wide variety of formats.
Initially, the Protocol is created on EVM-compliant blockchains (Ethereum, BSC and others), including L2 solutions such as Polygon, and later on on other decentralised and/or distributed systems.
The protocol allows for the following NFT operations:
  • Issue;
  • Wrap/Unwrap;
  • Transfer (move);
  • Work with collateral, where there is a dynamic (replenishable) and a static (non-replenishable) part.


Collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with inner value and liquidity.

Inner value

The guaranteed inner value is a vault containing any crypto assets of Ethereum or BSC network for MVP. The capitalization of the inner value increases depending on the pledged assets, LP tokens and with each on-chain transaction.


NIFTSY protocol is a system of smart contracts on Ethereum and BSC networks, that provides guaranteed NFT inner value and liquidity.

On-chain royalties

NFT authors can receive royalties in native protocol tokens from sales in the secondary market.

Key features of the Protocol:

1. With the Protocol you can emulate NFTs of any order and level of complexity;
2. you can also perform wrap (unwrap) operations on NFTs of any order.
3. In addition, you can create new NFTs through a mint operation.
4. Finally, you can design any convenient interest policy, whether it be royalties, bill payments (recurring payments), charity, or anything else.
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