Legal FAQ

Who is the organiser of NIFTSY?

The organiser and developer of NIFTSY (Protocol, Oracle, Index, Token) is DAO NIFTSY.

Can I be part of DAO NIFTSY?

Yes, of course. Send us an application via the website or participate in the bounty program or help develop our community.

Where can I read what a NIFTSY license means?

What jurisdiction is NIFTSY in?

We operate under the rules of the Web 3.0 mechanic, which means that we follow universally recognised principles and norms of international law and morality, and operate outside specific jurisdictions.

What is a NIFTSY Token from a legal point of view?

It is a technically necessary tool without which the Protocol, the Oracle and the Index cannot work together optimally within the Project.

Where can I find the disclaimers (and/or other warnings) on Project NIFTSY, its Token and other constituent parts (elements)?

To do this, go to the "Lite paper" subsection of the "Key documents" section and then study the "Disclamers" chapter.
Last modified 1mo ago