Release notes

Implemented functionality:

  • Creation of personal showcases with separated url of the browsers

  • Sale of ERC-20 tokens via the creation of wNFT ERC721 with collateral of ERC-20 tokens

  • Sale the NFTs ERC721 on the showcase

  • Putting prices for whole showcase or individual for one NFT/wNFT

  • Putting prices for wNFT and NFT simultaneously in native tokens and ERC-20

  • Editing, deleting of the prices

  • Putting the time discounts (promo and referral discounts in progress)

  • Editing, deleting of the discounts

  • There is the default showcase where user's NFTs and wNFTs sent to the launchpad smart contract directly are for sale. The beneficiary of the default showcase is DAO Envelop

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