Market challenges - our solutions

The first challenge is market speculation - securing NFT tokens. As our analysis conducted in November-December 2020 (Customer development phase) and again in May-June 2021 (Alfa version Protocol phase) showed and proved that unsecured NFT becomes a problem for inexperienced investors and anyone directly facing the bigger fool. Here, the Project addresses the related problem of a decentralized price determinant in the cross-market of any blockchain solution.

The second problem is solution integration. Nowadays, when DeFi, NFT segments and DEX & DAO markets are developing, one of the most important instruments is liquidity. But its transfer is complicated due to three factors: a) variety of decentralized and/or distributed solutions (DDS); b) multivariant token standards (interchangeable and not interchangeable; ERC-20, TRC-20, ERC-721 and many other standards); c) complexity of technical integrations in multi-blockchain. The project addresses this problem by phasing in NFT standards through the Protocol and then unifying asset valuation through Oracle and the market as a whole through the Index.

The third problem is the transparency of the new format derivatives which gives the ability to value derivatives of any order created with NFT wrappers, and to value any wrap/unwrap models (WUM).

The fourth problem is that entry into P2P markets is still too complicated, so thanks to the Protocol standards and automatic asset valuation via Oracle and Index, anyone can get an express analysis of assets of any order. That said, the Project focuses not only on the B2C segment, but also on the B2B segment. For example, with the Protocol, ETFs based on wrapped NFTs can be created and exchanged between different funds and retail buyers/sellers alike.

The fifth problem is attacks on the DeFi market: vampire mining, Impermanent Loss Explained, ID spoofing for already sold NFTs. The above and other ways of social and technical impact on the market cannot be solved without a set of measures, proposed by (among others) the Project.

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