Launch the app, connect your wallet. Use Metamask or Walletconnect

You can choose network

Wrap wNFT

You can choose one of the options:

  • specify the contract address of your token and ID

  • or mint original NFT and create wNFT

  • or wrap emptiness

Additionally you can choose:

  • wNFT standard

  • advanced options

  • add collateral

  • specify the amount of the fee

  • specify royalty income recipients

  • specify unlock options

Dashboard functionality

On your dashboard, you can see:

  • all your NFT collateral

  • original (discovered) and wrapped NFTs

You can:

  • copy wNFT URL

  • set approval for all tokens of contract

Functionality of the wrapped nft viewing page

You can view everything inside the token (click at wrapped nft):

  • royalty and fee settings

  • lock settings

  • information about the original token

  • information about the collateral

You can:

  • add more collateral

  • unwrap if all constraint conditions are met

  • send your tokens

  • set approval for token

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