technical roadmap

General provisions affecting the Road Map

The roadmap consists of three main areas of implementation:
  • Integrations of Protocol (then Oracle and Index) at L1 level with different blockchains. Currently, we have developed alpha versions for EVM-compatible blockchains (Ethereum, BSC) and will implement it further, including with L2 solutions such as Polygon. After that, Flow, WAX (EOS) and Solana are in the development plan. Since we are a startup, the speed of development (implementation) depends only on two factors: allocated grants from the companies whose solutions we accept for development, and the overall workload of our development team.
  • The next level is exactly L2 solutions and above, i.e. the ability to integrate with Polygon, for example, on the one hand, and on the other to create embedded tools in marketplaces, lunchpads, analytical resources and other platforms.
  • Finally, there is case-specific implementation (see the relevant section) and at the moment the gaming industry and the DeFi market are the priority.

Roadmap: 2021-2022

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